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  • Unscrew the cap from your CUVVA bottle.
  • Gently wiggle the perforated sifter free from the top of the bottle and remove.
  • Screw the Spray Applicator firmly in its place.
  • Press the pump to disperse fibres. More pressure disperses more fibres.
What are Cuvva Hair Building Fibers?
Made from natural ingredients, powered by science, and backed by over a hundred thousand delighted men and women from around the globe, Cuvva offers the quickest and easiest way to confidently hide hair loss. Within a couple of minutes, you'll be on your merry way with a fuller, thicker looking head of hair. And no one will ever know your secret. 

Cuvva Hair Building Fibers are made from high-quality, natural keratin protein - the same protein found in real human hair. These protein fibres carry a naturally powerful static charge. Once sprinkled into your hair, this allows them to resiliently, but undetectably, cling and blend to even the tiniest strands. The result - a seemingly full head of thick hair, with impressive staying power, come wind, rain or shine.

Currently available in four colours: light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black, there’s a shade for everyone. And by nature of its clinging action to your existing hair strands, it works beautifully on all hair types. From straight to wavy, curly to coiled, short to long, and everything in between, Cuvva Hair Building Fibers has you covered.

What Cuvva can do for you:
1. Instantly fills in thinning areas and exposed scalp
2. Conceals hair loss
3. Makes fine hair strands look thick and full
4. Reduces widening part-lines
5. Great as a root touch-up between colourings, or for covering extension tracks

What else you need to know:
- Easy to apply, and simply washes out with shampoo
- Works best when matched to root colour, as oppose to tips (roots are usually darker than tips)
- Resists wind, rain and perspiration for long-lasting results
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