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Little Brand Box

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 Easy 3-step application:

1. Check fit:Align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.

2. Apply adhesive:Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds to set.

3. Apply lashes: Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.To remove, gently peel off lash strip starting at outer corner. Remove used adhesive from band and place lashes back on tray for reuse.

For feathery lashes with the soft texture of real fur (without the cruelty)
Nordik Beauty’s Natural - Look Faux Mink Fur Eye Lashes ensure maximum "oomph" effect

- Made of faux siberian mink fur
- Lightweight, shiny and soft
- Hand crafted
- Easy to apply
- Cruelty - free

What's in the box
- 1 x Nordik Beauty 3D Faux Mink Fur Eye Lashes - Natural

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